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  CUNY IVE Engages 1,400 Students in UK MarketMaker Competition

Our CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise (IVE) expands its global reach by partnering with the Gazelle Colleges Group a consortium of 20 colleges in the United Kingdom and its third annual Market Maker Competition. This year’s competition engaged a record 1,400 students on the IVE marketplace where students created a total of 369 e-commerce sites and traded their products and services using their virtual credit cards. ...  [Read More]

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  Huffington Post: SmartPitch Finalists and Their Innovative Approaches to Social Problems

Five Baruch College students are changing the world as we know it with their innovative approaches to social problems. Dwight Peters, John Fout, Morris Sued, Eli Attias and Ronald Zorrilla were the winners of the CUNY IVE SmartPitch challenge in June this year and for good reason. Collectively, their services aid nonprofit fundraising, nutrition, food service, customer savings and environmental stewardship. Here's more about each of these entrepreneurs and their enterprises. ...  [Read More]

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  SmartPitch Kickoff Event Highlights the Power of Student Entrepreneurship

The 2013 SmartPitch Challenge commenced with a room full of budding New York City entrepreneurs on Friday, February 1st. Over 100 students filled the 14th-floor auditorium in Baruch College’s Newman Vertical Campus for the event, which included a discussion by a panel of experts on how to successfully launch a business through the competition. ...  [Read More]

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  CUNY IVE Goes Global: The London 2012 MarketMaker Challenge

This year, the CUNY IVE has greatly expanded its scope by taking its SmartPitch and MarketMaker business plan competitions international. The London MarketMaker Challenge had its successful finalist event on Monday Nov 12th, raising the prospect of the NYC Smartpitch Challenge becoming part of a global network of entrepreneurial students.
With more than 600 students making up 164 teams, the scale of the London competition was significant. ...  [Read More]

Bookmark and Share    Posted on 2012-11-27 10:13 AM 

  STEM Students Develop Entrepreneurial Ideas

Sixteen students with City College and TU-Graz/University of Graz visited the Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship Wednesday July 18, 2012 to participate in a workshop on entrepreneurship and its role in the growth of the science, technology and engineering industries. The visit is part of the two-week City College and TU-Graz/University Summer Program in New York City during which graduate students studying technology, ...  [Read More]

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