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CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise

One Bernard Baruch Way (55 Lexington Ave. Suit 2-140).
New York, NY 10010

P: 646-312-4790
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About Us

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Institute for Virtual Enterprise
“Enhancing Student Engagement and Success”
The Institute for Virtual Enterprise (IVE),
a CUNY special initiative,
is a global learning community tasked with
enhancing student engagement and success by building awareness in:

1. Financial Literacy/Entrepreneurship/Workforce Development

Engagement and Education

Practice Firms and Trading in the global network/economy
IVE Market Maker (Bank, Virtual Stock Market, Credit Card)
• L-SITEs (Learning through Simulated Information Technology Enterprises)
• IVE/College Now Summer Institute
• Global Expo/Trade Fairs/Trading Days
• Business Plan and Case Study Competitions

- Credit Bearing
Virtual Enterprise
Courses at CUNY

- Non-credit

2. Leadership and Community Development

Engagement and Education
• Certificate in Responsible Leadership
IVE Leadership Program
• CIT/IVE Leadership Roundtable
• Leadership Mentors and Coaches
• Internships/Leadership Incubator
• Leadership Retreat and Conference
- Credit Bearing
Leadership Courses at CUNY

- Non-credit

3. Sustainable Development (Nature, Art and Health)
Engagement and Education
The Nature of New York
• The Nature of New York Leadership Alliance – Green Teams
• Sustaining the Nature of New York
• IVE/College Now Summer Workshops/Field Trips
• IVE Global Colloquia
• Sustainable Development Case Study Competitions
• Nurture New York’s Nature (NNYN)
The Gates Project
- Credit Bearing
Sustainable Dev. Courses at CUNY

- Non-credit

The delivery methods for all of these programs, have, at their heart, a commitment to
• technology-driven,
• student-centered, and
• student-led, faculty-facilitated instruction, with
• close private sector and community relations;
and are supported by


4. Faculty Development, Networks and Program Dissemination

Faculty Development

• Faculty Development
• IVE Salons
• IVE Global Expo
CUNY Foodways Faculty Development Seminar


• Collaboration with California High School VE's and the global VE network
• Coleman Foundation: Entrepreneurship Awareness and Education Program
• Corporate and Private Sector Partnerships
• Ford Foundation Cluster-Based Entrepreneurship Network
• Global Fellows and Clearinghouse
• Kauffman Collegiate Entrepreneurship Network
• National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship Network
• Trans Atlantic Training and Technology Alliance (TA3)

Program Dissemination

• Scholarly and Professional Presentations and Publications
• Student Governance and Development
• Workforce Development

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