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IVE Fellows

Dr. Anthony Borgese

IVE Fellow
Dr. Anthony Borgese is an Associate Professor of Tourism and Hospitality with the City University of New York at Kingsborough. His interest lies in teaching and research within the field of entrepreneurship, and is involved in Work Force and Economic Development projects that serve Brooklyn and the greater New York City area. Dr. Borgese has a BA in Philosophy from Brooklyn College, an MBA from Baruch College; and received his Doctorate in Sports Management from the United States Sports Academy.

Dr. Jonathan Deutsch

IVE Fellow
Jonathan Deutsch is a classically trained chef and is Assistant Professor in the Department of Tourism and Hospitality and Associate Director of the Center for Economic and Workforce Development at Kingsborough Community College, City University of New York. He is a senior fellow of the Institute for Virtual Enterprise, a chancellor's special initiative of CUNY charged with engaging students across the university in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, leadership and sustainable development projects. He earned his Ph.D. in food and food management at New York University and is Secretary of the Association for the Study of Food and Society and education editor of the journal Food, Culture and Society. He has published in a diverse range of journals including Gastronomica, The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education, The Journal of Leadership Education, and Food and Foodways. He is the co-author of Jewish American Food Culture (Greenwood, 2008), and co-edited the book Gastropolis: Food and New York City (Columbia University Press, 2008). A graduate of Drexel University and the Culinary Institute of America, he has held leadership positions in a variety of foodservice settings including product development, catering, institutions, luxury inns, and restaurants, both in the US and abroad.

Dr. Richard Graziano

IVE Fellow
Richard Graziano, Ed.D. is a Professor of Tourism and Hospitality at Kingsborough Community College and a IVE Fellow. His doctorate is from Hofstra University; during this time he conducted an extensive study of the student outcomes of the Virtual Enterprise course. His findings are often cited as an authority in this area.

David Rosane

IVE Fellow
Naturalist, Environmental Educator, Writer
David Rosane is naturalist in residence for Nurture New York's Nature, Inc. and a CUNY adjunct. He currently collaborates with IVE on numerous environmental education and outreach initiatives, including College Now urban ecology workshops at KBCC, an Honors College course at Queens College (BALA), "Sustaining the Nature of New York"; and a cross-campus network of environmental clubs, or "Green Teams", that promote ecological literacy and sustainability in the City. Formerly a Cornell UniversityResearch Associate in Tropical Ecology, he has worked in Venezuela, Peru and the Dominican Republic. Other developments include a"Nature of New York" lecture series, continuing education program and on-line course with NNYN and CUNY/SPS. David continues to work onhis book "the Nature of New York", a compilation of essays dealing with the metropolitan environment.

Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

IVE Fellow
Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz is an Instructor of English at Kingsborough Community College and received her Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning from New York University. Past jobs include teaching college composition and English and Journalism at the high school level, serving as the Director of Marketing Communications for New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies and as a Marketing Manager for Business Week magazine and The New York Times.

Richard Levitt

IVE Fellow

Richard Levitt was the founding Assistant Director of the Virtual Enterprise Program for the Department of Education. He retired last year and is currently working as a consultant for the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise. He has 30 years of experience in teaching Business Subjects in NYC High Schools and was an Adjunct Professor in Business and Computer Science at Monroe College more than 20 years. Mr. Levitt received his B.B.A. from CCNY – Baruch School in Public Accounting and completed graduate work in Management Science at Pace University and Computer Methodology at Baruch College. He has work experience as a Public Accountant and Taxation Specialist.

Stephen Leavenworth
IVE Fellow



Amalia Torrentes

IVE Fellow

Ms. Torrentes assists with the CUNY/IVE Leadership Program in the recruitment of students, development of projects and event organization. She graduated Hunter College with a BA and majored in Sociology and Urban Affairs. At Hunter she was accepted to the Public Service Scholar Program where she then interned at City Council and the Administration for Children Services.

Tamika Estwick

IVE Fellow
Tamika Estwick was among the first graduates of the CUNY / IVE Leadership program. She earned her Bachelors from Hunter College with a major in Environmental Studies and Anthropology. While working for IVE as a College Assistant she completed a master's degree in Hunter's Urban Affairs program. Her areas of interest are, community organizing, environmental justice and sustainable development.

Peter Rayson

IVE Fellow
Peter Rayson was an Information Technology College Assistant for IVE through the CUNY-CAP program. He is currently obtaining his masters degree in Computer Science from Brooklyn College after obtaining his bachelors degree in Computer Science from Queens College in 2004. Peter's first IT position was with the Museum of Television & Radio in midtown Manhattan.

Joseph Pyram

IVE Fellow

Joseph Pyram was Information Technology College Assistant for IVE. He is currently finishing his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Queens College. His areas of interest include: web development, graphics designing, artificial intelligence, and information retrieval.

Tina M. Galvez
IVE Fellow

Tina M. Galvez is currently attending Hunter College majoring in Sociology and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Tina is a graduate of the CUNY/IVE Leadership Program 2005 and is working on developing her own non-profit organization - ORQUIDEA geared toward combating childhood asthma in the South Bronx. At Hunter College, Tina has served as the President of the Latino Honor Society, Vice President of T.I.A.R.A. and as a Student Leader for the Hostos Puerto Rican Club and the Dominican Perspective Club. Tina was recently selected to present her research at the Inter University Program for Latino Research . 2006 Summer Institute for Latino Public Policy in Washington, D.C. In addition, Tina received the CUNY Leadership Award in Spring 2006.

Saul Petersen
IVE Fellow

Saul moved from Ireland in 2000, and has worked across several domains of education for over a decade. Saul is the Director of the Center for Community Research and Engagement at Seton Hall University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Educational Psychology (Concentration Area: Learning, Development and Instruction) at the CUNY Graduate Center.

At the Institute for Virtual Enterprise, Saul currently is Project Director of Urban Solutions for the Environment (USE). For the first time in history, more than half the population of the world lives in urban environments. Solving the challenge of sustainable living is largely a challenge to our urban lifestyle. USE aims to provide people with the knowledge to live prosperously and sustainably in the 21st century. This plan will be achieved through an intersection of workforce and economic development objectives, which USE is uniquely positioned to achieve.

Marisol del Valle
IVE Fellow

Marisol del Valle is a college assistant in the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise and an undergraduate at Hunter College majoring in Psychology. She is currently participating in the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise Leadership Program and founded her current project, in 2006. At Hunter College, she is a Public Service Scholar interning at the NYC Administration for Children's Services and is a tutor at the college's Reading and Writing Center. She graduated in June, 2007

Guesnerth Joshua Perea
IVE Fellow

Guesnerth Joshua Perea started his career at The City College of New York in 2001 and immediately began to serve his soon to be Alma Mater. During his tenure as a "student servant" he received the CUNY Student Leadership Award, the Robert Buckman Award for Student Leadership in History, while receiving other awards including an awards from the National Dean's List and The City College Department of Foreign Languages. Joshua Graduated in 2005 and worked thereafter at The Metropolitan Museum of Art managing Weekend Education Programs. Today, Joshua is in the process of receiving a Master's degree en route to a doctorate degree in History.

Devika Nandlall
College Assistant

Devika Nandlall is a college assistant in the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise and an undergraduate at Brooklyn College majoring in Food & Nutrition Studies with an Entrepreneurial minor. She is currently participating in the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise Leadership Program and founded her current project, The Real Food Challenge in 2008. At Brooklyn College. She is the Health & Nutrition Club Student Advisor and was the Club President during 2007 - 2008 where the HNS Club participated in Food Drive Project with CUNY IVE. She will be graduating in June, 2009.


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